Oklahomans Vote for Medicaid Expansion

Amber England, campaign manager of the Yes On 802 campaign, released the following statement this evening after Oklahomans voted to approve Medicaid expansion.

“Tonight Oklahoma lived up to the standards and values that make this state great, and I’ve never been more proud.

“In the middle of a pandemic, Oklahomans stepped up and delivered life-saving care for nearly 200,000 of our neighbors, took action to keep our rural hospitals open, and brought our tax dollars home to protect jobs and boost our local economy.

“This was a true grassroots campaign that brought people together across the political spectrum and all walks of life. Doctors, nurses, business owners, and faith leaders all united around a shared goal. It brought out the best in all of us.

“In all my years in politics, I’ve never seen so many people willing to work so hard for each other. We trained thousands of volunteers, we collected a record-breaking 313,000 petition signatures, and tonight we set a new standard.

“After a decade of waiting on politicians to act, Oklahomans decided to take healthcare into our own hands. Before tonight, we were the second to worst state in the country when it came to the number of people going without healthcare. After tonight, we are the only state in the nation to guarantee access to healthcare that politicians can never take away. From nearly worst to first. Now that’s a standard that we can all be proud of.

“Oklahoma you did it. Healthcare is finally on the way.”