Campaign for Medicaid Expansion to Embark on Statewide Community Check-in Tour Covering 21 cities, 1,400 Miles in 4 Days

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – The campaign to expand Medicaid will take to Oklahoma’s streets and highways next week. Yes on 802 staff and supporters will use the tour to check in with local grassroots advocates, thank essential healthcare workers, and tout the local economic impact of the passage of State Question 802.  

“COVID19 shifted the campaign into virtual-mode for a few months, but this tour will allow us to reconnect with those grassroots supporters who worked so hard to help put Medicaid expansion on the ballot,” said Russell Griffin, Field Director for Yes on 802 – Oklahomans Decide Healthcare. “We’ll also share with supporters just how much economic impact will be generated in these local communities as a result of passage of State Question 802. These folks are tired of watching their tax dollars going to pay for healthcare in 36 other states when those dollars could have come home to be invested locally to boost our economy and create thousands of jobs.”

The tour will begin at the 802 campaign headquarters in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, May 26. After the kickoff, supporters will go north and west, working their way into all four corners of Oklahoma before finishing up in Tulsa on Friday, May 29. The focus will be on the positive impact SQ 802 could have upon its approval by the people.

If passed, the ballot measure would ensure another nearly 200,000 Oklahomans have access to healthcare. Under the proposal, single adults making less than $17,236 annually and families of four earning an annual income less than $35,535 would get healthcare coverage.

“More than a billion dollars will be injected into the state’s healthcare system every single year,” said Amber England, campaign manager for State Question 802. “There are hospitals in metro cities and small towns that are barely hanging on. Expanding the number of Oklahomans who can get healthcare will save those hospitals and create new jobs in healthcare. The result will be that Oklahoma is a healthier state, both physically and economically.”

Organizers said they are excited about this tour because every Oklahoma community will see positive impacts from the passage of SQ 802. 

“From creating new jobs to building healthier children and families, State Question 802 will make Oklahoman stronger, healthier, and more prosperous,” Griffin concluded. “We are excited to get back on the road and talk with families about the importance of building a brighter future for us all by passing SQ 802.”

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