State Question 802 Campaign Responds to Governor’s Expansion Plan

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Yes On 802 Campaign Manager, Amber England, issued the following statement today with news that Governor Sitt has — despite not having gained legislative intent on a funding source —asked the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority to submit the necessary paperwork to expand Medicaid. 

“Our grassroots campaign has forced the governor’s hand to expand Medicaid to nearly 200,000 Oklahomans because the people of this state are demanding it. But make no mistake, Governor Stitt is going about this the wrong way and every Oklahoman should be concerned about the bait and switch that is coming next.

“He’s trying to cap the care that Oklahomans can receive under Medicaid expansion and he’d cost our state billions of dollars when we have a better approach available to us with State Question 802. In fact, the nonpartisan Commonwealth Fund found that Oklahoma would receive 17.2% less federal funding under the governor’s approach than under State Question 802. 

“Without the protections built into State Question 802, we’re betting the health of Oklahomans on the whims of politicians who can restrict the care Oklahomans receive in years to come. 

“We must continue this fight because Oklahomans need guaranteed coverage now and they need protection from political tricks that could take that coverage away in the future. 

“We know there is only one way to protect full Medicaid expansion and the care it will deliver to Oklahomans, and that is for Governor Stitt to set an election date and for Oklahomans to vote Yes on State Question 802.”