New Poll Finds Oklahomans Overwhelmingly Trust State Question 802 to Expand Access to Healthcare, Not Alternative Plans by Politicians

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Today the Yes On 802 campaign unveiled the results of a new poll that finds  67% of voters in Oklahoma support expanding Medicaid through State Question 802. Even more telling, 71%  said they would not trust politicians to create a better plan to expand Medicaid than a plan that was placed on the ballot by the people.

“Voters believe State Question 802 is the gold standard for expanding healthcare. They trust it will deliver the care they need and will maximize the tax dollars we can bring home from Washington, unlike any alternative plan crafted by politicians that could be dismantled in the future,” said Amber England, campaign manager. “With 802 ready to be placed on the ballot and after almost a decade of inaction on this issue, politicians are asking voters to trust them with an uncertain plan that we know will likely get caught up in the courts. The polling results show that voters aren’t buying this stall tactic and instead prefer to decide this issue for themselves through a vote on  State Question 802.” 

Angie Giselbach, a supporter of State Question 802 agrees and one of almost 200,000 hard-working Oklahomans in the coverage gap, agrees. 

“As someone who’s worked hard to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot to help ourselves, our friends, and our families… frankly we aren’t interested in political games,” she said. “We’re not interested in half measures and election-year antics. We need health care now. We need a plan we can trust and that’s why we’re ready to vote on State Question 802.”

State Question 802 has already been endorsed by more than 300,000 Oklahomans who signed the petition to place it on the ballot. But instead of issuing an election date and listening to voters, Governor Stitt has pushed an alternative approach that would gamble with Oklahomans’ healthcare. 

The governor’s approach would return fewer of our tax dollars from Washington and could result in even more rural hospitals closing their doors. Legal experts and conservative interest groups like the American Enterprise Institute have also declared this plan as “dead on arrival” as soon as it is challenged in federal court. This most recent polling data confirms voters’ suspicions and shows overwhelming support for State Question 802. 

Click here for a comprehensive summary of the poll. 


The Yes On 802 campaign is working to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot in 2020. It is supported by a growing coalition of Oklahoma doctors, nurses, patients, business executives, non-profit organizations, healthcare advocates and hospitals.