Yes On 802 Supporters To Host Over 30 House Parties in 30 Days

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Supporters of State Question 802 will gather in at least 30 communities across Oklahoma during the month of March to send politicians a clear message: It’s time to let the people vote. At these grassroots events, supporters will continue to build momentum around the state in support of Yes On 802. Participants will write letters to Gov. Stitt asking him to set an election date to place State Question 802 on the ballot to finally let Oklahomans decide the issue of healthcare for themselves.

“I’m hosting a house party to make sure folks know Yes On 802 is the gold standard for expanding healthcare,” said Tina Harlin, a resident of Durant in Southeastern Oklahoma. “For the better part of the decade, politicians failed to bring our tax dollars home from Washington, failed to expand access to healthcare, and failed to keep our rural hospitals open. Now they want us to trust them? No, thank you. State question 802 guarantees politicians won’t mess with our healthcare in the future, and that’s exactly what we need.”

State Question 802 has already been endorsed by more than 300,000 Oklahomans who signed the petition to place it on the ballot. But instead of issuing an election date and listening to voters, Governor Stitt has pushed an alternative approach that would gamble with Oklahomans’ healthcare. The governor’s approach would return less of our tax dollars from Washington and result in even more hospitals closing their doors. Legal experts and conservative interest groups like the American Enterprise Institute have also declared this plan as “dead on arrival” as soon as it is challenged in federal court.

“We know expanding Medicaid in Oklahoma with State Question 802 is the only sure way forward,” said campaign manager Amber England. “Oklahomans can’t risk putting their trust into any plan that will be tied up in a lengthy court battle and could be dismantled on a whim by politicians. Unfortunately, what we are hearing from the governor right now sounds like a tactic to distract voters — not a serious attempt to deliver care.”

State Question 802 will give nearly 200,000 hardworking Oklahomans access to life-saving care, keep rural hospitals open and bring billions of our tax dollars back from Washington to create jobs in our communities.