YES On 802 Issues Statement on Governor Stitt’s Washington DC Press Event

**Please attribute the following statement to Amber England, YES on 802 Campaign Manager

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK- “Oklahomans have made it clear they want to vote to decide this issue for themselves. At this point, what we want to know from the Governor is when Oklahomans will be able to vote Yes On 802.” 

“In fact, hundreds of Oklahomans have directly reached out to the governor to ask him to set an election date so we can vote on the plan already endorsed by more than 300,000 people in our state.  We’re still waiting.

“What we are hearing from the governor right now sounds like a tactic to distract voters — not a serious attempt to deliver care. As the conservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute pointed out, any Medicaid expansion plan that includes block grants isn’t legal and wouldn’t survive a court challenge.

“Oklahomans can’t risk putting their trust into any plan that will be tied up in a lengthy court battle and could be dismantled on a whim by politicians. 

“Yes On 802 is the gold standard for expanding healthcare, and it guarantees that politicians and special interests can’t mess with our care in the future. This is an issue that’s going to be decided by voters, and we’re focused on ensuring that the will of Oklahomans is heard and respected.

“We need to keep rural hospitals open, ensure that nearly 200,000 hardworking Oklahomans get access to life-saving care, and bring billions of our tax dollars back from Washington to create jobs in our communities. Yes On 802 is the ONLY sure way to get this done and the only plan Oklahomans can trust.”